Eyelash Stylists

According to researches, the beauty industry in the US is a huge market. Nail market alone captures nearly 8 billions of dollars of the beauty industry. Many hundreds of thousands of beauty professionals have been providing hair/nails/facial/waxing services in their salons, serving millions of American women every year.

Recently market researchers indicate that American women increasingly demand for eyelash extension services. The first place they will ask for the services is at their local facial, hair, and nail salons. If you are a beauty professional, if you have an esthetician license, a cosmetology license in your state, or even if you are new to the beauty industry, you can learn and upgrade your  skills. These new skills not only help to increase your income, they are also to help attracting new customers for your salon. We are here to help you to get those skills.

Learning how to do eyelash extension service is not very difficult if you understand all the tools, products, and techniques to do the job right. We will partner with your schools or your local beauty distributors/suppliers to help you learning those skills. Please check with your local nail/beauty retailers for new eyelash extension workshops. You can also visit your local beauty school’s website to find out if they offer such training programs, or visit our website regularly to learn more about our new eyelash extension training classes in your city and state.