If you are a nail/beauty supply retailer, if you are looking for a complete eyelash extension product line to resell to your customers, please consider our products and services. We will work closely with you to share our training techniques, product knowledge to you and your staff. We will also work with you to organize eyelash extension workshops in your store, or nearby if possible, so your customers can acquire their eyelash extension skills faster.

The benefits of doing an eyelash extension training workshops in your store are many, but here are just three of them:

  1. Showing your commitment to your current and new customers that you are willing to do more to improve their skills and careers.
  2. Increasing sales of other products when new and existing students come to your store to attend the eyelash extension workshops
  3. By regularly doing advertisements on local radio & TV stations, and local newspapers as well as other marketing activities, you will continue to remind your customers about your brands, especially your new products and services, which in turn will keep more loyal customers to come back and to attract more new customers for your store.

Our eyelash extension products have high margins for you to sell to the end users profitably. More importantly, all of our products will have a 90-Day warranty, especially the Royal glue and remover products. We guarantee them from material and workmanship defects for 90 days from the original purchase date. If the products have a defect, you just simply return it to us to get an exchange or credit. We just want to make sure that you are confident to resell our brands to your local customers.