About Us

QL Beauty company was established in 2008 in Garden Grove, California. When we stared our company, we focused on only one goal: providing a complete eyelash extension kit and tools for eyelash stylists to start a new service in their salons. We did a good job with that and we have been growing rapidly ever since.

Today, we are one of the most aggressive wholesale companies to provide eyelash extension products and services to many hundreds of beauty supply distributors and beauty schools, including eyelash extension training classes for many new eyelash stylists in many states.


QL Beauty’s Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to bring affordable eyelash extension classes and workshops to many new eyelash stylists as many as possible to improve their skills and their lives. In order to accomplish our mission, we will continue to improve our products’ quality, to update new products, and to invest more resources into our Royal eyelash extension training system in the near future, so we can provide value-added services and products to our retail distributors, educators, beauty school partners, salon owners and beauty professionals in the US.  Our goal is become one of the top ten respected and well-known wholesale companies in the beauty industry, especially eyelash extension service market in 5 years.”